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Crypto SMP - company which can help bring your ideas to life, and create a crypto project that will become popular in a month, all crypto community is going to talk about it! We not only develop web-sites in the world of cryptocurrencies, but we are also engaged with promotion and only with us you can gain the necessary audience for your project literally from the moment of launch. We have created all necessary ways of spreading and gaining popularity - shill by telegram, distribution in forums, advertising in well-known crypto groups.

You will get the best result only, as we value our reputation and it is important for us that your ideas brought you the best profit. We are a team of marketers, developers and programmers and in our work we are always focused on the best possible result. While creating websites, our priotity to display the customer's idea as accurate as possible, so we make detailed reserch of your task, and refine your ideas using our extensive experience in the world of cryptocurrencies. To improve recognizability of your progect, our marketers attract the target audience for your project. Even after the successful start of the project, we are engaged in the refinement and implementation of new ideas.

If you see that your web-site or telegram group has begun to lose popularity, we will be glad to help you. Our designers will update the design of your web-site, the managers will come up with a new idea to attract the audience, and the marketers will attract as many people as possible, to present these innovations.

Reasons to choose us
Professional team

Our team has been developing sites related to cryptocurrency for over two years. We follow the changes in the crypto world and are well versed in all aspects of this industry

Product supportion

At all stages: from the beginning of project creation till the moment you make a profit, our team will support the project and if necessary, refine it

Effective social marketing tools

Our marketers will evaluate all possible ways of distributing your project and will give you opportinity to choose the best marketing tools which fits your case and makes the best traffic conversion. We provide services for shill by telegram and cryptoforums

Dream about launching your token?

With the introduction of cryptocurrency tokenization, everyone was able to try themselves in the role of a project manager. Create a unique design, develop your brand, engage in PR, come up with new ideas to maintain the uniqueness of the token, in order, ultimately, to make a profit from your project. But for the token to become really popular and recognizable, a lot of effort and money is needed. And most importantly, professional management is required. We are engaged in the development and promotion of BSC tokens. It is important for us to take into account all the wishes of the customer, so we will discuss with you all the necessary parameters for the smart contract of your token: from the name and the tax to the airdrop and the introduction of the deflationary mechanism in your token.

Referral system for our partners

We have created a unique referral system through which you can easily become our partner and start earning with us. All you have to do is invite clients and offer them our services. There is no need to shill - our specialists will do everything for you. You are a manager and you, acting under our name, agree on the provision of services to our company and receive a profit from each order. No cash investment is required from you.

By inviting your friends and acquaintances to work with you, you will receive additional income from their earnings. And by completing various tasks on our platform, you can become one of our main partners and participate in the development of the company on an equal footing with its founders. Earn money and develop our idea of ​​a full-fledged crypto platform service!

Do you have a group related to cryptocurrency in a Telegram or Reddit and you want to sell ads, but do not know where to find clients? Just write to us - we will quickly find a suitable offer, and in cooperation with us on an ongoing basis, we will publish an offer for advertising in your group on the website or in our telegram channel.