SMP Workspace
What we can offer to you?

One of our ideas in creating the project was to develop a full-fledged platform for providing work in the field of cryptocurrencies. We want that anyone, regardless of their location, can be able to make money in the Crypto SMP project. To do this, we have developed a referral system that will hellp you to earn money without any investment to participate in the development of our project and make money on it.

You will act as a sales manager and your task will be to find a client. For every order we receive from the person you brought in, you will receive a percentage. We have created a system that will allow you to make money as easy as possible. You do not need to do the mailing, just find a customer - we will do the rest. When we receive payment for the order, you can immediately withdraw your share. No weekly delays or payout limits. We work honestly.

In addition, you have the opportunity to bring your friends and acquaintances and earn together, receiving a part of their profits. We are trying to make the introduction into the cryptocurrency industry as simple as possible and for this we have created a training system for our employees so anyone can deal not only with our projects, but also with the world of cryptocurrencies.

How it works?

- You fill out an application and we add you to the database of our partners

- Get your unique refferal code

- You can start at work! By offering our services to people, you will receive a percentage of the profit depending on the level of your partnership

- Working with us on an ongoing basis, you increase your profits

- You can invite other partners and get a percentage of their profits

We have everything for your professional growth

Guides - to train our employees, we have developed a guide system and implemented it in your personal account for your convenience. The guides will be designed both for beginners in the Crypto SMP project and for more experienced workers. Everyone learns something new for himself. You will be able not only to learn how to work with a client, but also to gain experience in investing and working with cryptocurrencies. The guides will be constantly updated by our team, which will allow you to always be aware of the news of the Crypto SMP project.

Support - to simplify the learning process and answering all of your questions, you will have a support in touch to help you to understand the intricacies of the work. Do not hesitate to ask questions - it is important for us that you understand the principle of our project.

Fast growing community - for the fast growth of our project, we launched a powerful marketing company. Our target is to create a responsible and sociable community where you can always learn something new, get new acquaintances, or simply messeging in our Telegram chat with other project participants or the creators of Crypto SMP. We appreciate your ideas and faith in our project, so in the future we will be holding various contests and airdrops.

The more you sell the bigger is your bonus

Career growth in Crypto SMP is implemented as a rank system. Your income depends on your knowledge and your skills. Higher rank - higher earnings! Upon receiving the last rank, you will become a full-fledged partner and get access to the Crypto SMP affiliate chat, where you will have special offers and you can earn additional earnings by completing various orders.








Will I be able to?


We try to simplify the task for our employees as much as possible. You don't need to fulfill orders. No monotonous work - just talk to customers and get them interested. It all depends on your persuasion and sales skills. Also, before starting work, you need to carefully study our project in order to be able to answer all the customer's questions and advise him. In order to keep abreast of all aspects of work in the Crypto SMP project, we have implemented a training system that is available in your personal account.

What is the essence of the project?


One of the main ideas of Crypto SMP was to create a workspace. Thanks to this, you will be able to earn money without having a lot of work experience, and we will be able to promote our project and find customers without large spending on marketing. At first, it may seem that the percentages from the order are not so profitable, but you just have to think about it: there are millions of projects in the cryptocurrency community, and the Telegram messenger is the main place for participants of the cryptocurrency industry. Most projects don't even have a website. Thanks to our well-functioning system of project promotion and web dev, your earnings can be really big.

How much can I earn?


The answer to this question will be as clear as possible if you give a real example of one of our first workers: “I studied the services provided by the Crypto SMP project, read the guides and got down to work. I wrote to the administrators of 8 (eight) cryptocurrency groups and two responded. I presented them our services. One said that it would really be nice to have a website for his project, the second was interested in promoting and creating a new project in Telegram. As a result, the first of them ordered a landing page ($ 300) and a mascot design ($ 150), and the second ordered an invite ($ 100) and a mailing list in private messages ($ 200). From the first one, I received orders for $ 450 and my share was $ 22.5 (5%) and I immediately got the third rank, since the amount of orders became more than $ 400. After that, the second customer made a payment for services in the amount of $ 300. Of these, $ 75 was mine. In a day, I was able to earn $ 97.5 thanks to the CryptoSMP project. "

I’m exactly getting my payout?


Yes. You can withdraw your funds as soon as we receive payment from the customer. We guarantee that you will receive everything that you have earned.

What do I get after reaching rank 4?


You will become a partner of the Crypto SMP project and will have access to a chat with the creators of the project and other partners, where you can discuss future plans of our company and receive additional income from special offers and tasks.