Social Marketing

Why you need this?

Messenger Telegram has long been one of the most popular places in the crypto community. Each BSC token must have its own telegram channel and group in the Telegram - this makes it possible for the holders of this token to communicate and causes more confidence in the administration.

In addition, the messenger has become a full-fledged platform for the provision of advertising services. By launching your project and buying advertising from the administrator of a larger channel, your project will get a good start and quickly gain its audience. But usually such advertising is very expensive. The price of PR in a group with only 20 thousand subscribers can go up to $ 3,000, which can be too high a price for an experimental project. What to do in such situations? To spend a lot of money ? And what if the audience doesn't like the project and you waste your money without getting the growth of your Telegram - community?

Our programmers have created a unique program that can analyze any public and determine how popular it is (since it has now become possible to wind up the audience and views in order to confuse the advertiser), in addition, our software is able to invite the audience of any group in a telegram, send users in private messages advertising information about your project, as well as automatically repost messages from your group or channel to other crypto groups with an open chat. All this makes it possible for our client to gain the necessary audience in a matter of days and without spending a large amount of money.

How it works?
1. You order the shill serviceby telegram on our website

2. We process your application and clarify all the details

3. We transfer your order to the executive department

4. We carry out your order

5. You get the desired result!

You will get a live audience that is 100% interested in your project and will gladly become a part of your community
We are interested in partnership with you, so we give a full guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result
The arrival of a new audience will not keep you waiting long - you will see the first result a few hours after the order

Tariffs and services



Personal Messages

1000 Messages

One of the main ways to recruit an audience in Telegram. It is extremely effective for running a large marketing campaign. We will select the target audience for your project or we will send mailing to the group that you have chosen. It is very important to create a text which will interesting for the person.

Auto Posting

50 chats, 1000 messages

One of the cheapest ways to recruit an audience, but not the fastest one. We send messages about your project to schiller groups and chats of other projects. Usually very effective in starting of a project and for launching BSC tokens. With long-term mailing, it gives a very good and stable flow of users


1000 people

It is a basic service for new Telegrams - projects or those that have lost popularity. We order a target audience from projects similar to yours and invite them using bots. With large orders, the invite is carried out gradually and can take up to several weeks, because there is a big chance of a chat ban with a large influx of users. Therefore, the price and terms of completion depend from the number of participants in the group.

Votes (cheat votes)

1000 Votes

This tool is used to cheat votes in channels or chats. An extremely useful tool for creating fake votes and for demonstrating majority ideas to the audience of the project.


1000 Views - 1 poste

At promotion of new group, it can be used for visibility of the “real” project. For example, if the audience of the group is cheated, and there are few views on the posts. This may cause distrust in the project.


Some geek services

We have many other useful tools in our arsenal to promote your project. For more information, please contact our manager.

Indexation PRO

Mailing forums from our base

This tool creates posts on various crypto forums. It can be used to promote projects both in Telegram and to promotion of the web-sites. Allows you to make the project recognizable in the crypto community.

Indexation PRO+

Mailing any topic (120k base)

Allows you to index your site in many search engines and also attract an audience not related to the world of cryptocurrencies. It can be used like both by projects with a high threshold of entry and like promotion of your web-site

Update soon!

We are already working on it

At the moment, our programmers are developing a new program for promoting on Reddit.

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