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Nowadays it is difficult to imagine any Internet project without its own website. If we are talking about cryptocurrency, a website is the face of any project. It is the site that has an informational role and acquaints the audience with your idea and your project. And in order for the informational storytelling on the site to be structured and understandable, the work on the website should be carried out exclusively by professionals.

Our team has been developing websites for over 3 years, of which we have 2 years of experience in the crypto industry. We have learned how to make sites so that they are as attractive as possible for the client and at the same time retain their information message. Well-established work and a team of 8 specialists allows us to carry out work in the shortest possible time. Indeed, you may be surprised how quickly you get the result for your order!

We focus on the development of sites for cryptocurrencies, as we confidently know what exactly to offer our client. We are closely following the cryptoindustry and offer our customers ideas that can help the project get the first audience in a matter of days. And thanks to our marketing specialists, you can give a quick impetus to your project and make it popular! We will offer you favorable tariffs for PR by telegram or an advertising offer from our partners. We guarantee quality!

Why you hire us?

The uniqueness of our company lies in the combination of extensive experience in web development and extensive knowledge in the cryptocurrency industry.

Because of this, we will not only develop a turnkey website for you with full domain and hosting settings and a unique design, but also finalize your idea and offer possible improvement options.

Our services

Prices are individual for each project
Unique desing

Must have for your project!

The main design target is to acquaint the user with the page. We will develop a pretty and user-friendly design that will be the face of your project and will allow users to view the content of your page the way wich you need.

Land page development

Fast, creative, cool

Landing pages have long become an integral part of any crypto project, because it is not necessary to create a multi-page site to acquaint the user with all necessary information. In creating crypto tokens, landing is a key-factor for audience trust.

Сomplex development

Bank, rialto, wallets, etc.

Creation of complex projects with a personal account, complex mathematical calculations and conecting crypto wallets. We will work out every smallest detail: from an exciting design to a well-thought-out logical structure.

Smart contract

Creating a BSC contract

Creation of a unique contract for your BSC - token and its integration into your wallet. Just tell what you need.

Token launch

From the beginning to the end

It is a main service of our project. We will create everything for you - just say the name of the token. The service includes the creation of a BSC - contract, the development and landing page, a unique website design with a mascot. Also, you can additionally order the development of sticker packs or the integration of MetaMask on your own web-site.

Text Creating

Tags and semantic core

Development of a unique text for your project. We will write text that will not only interest to the user, but also complement the semantic core, which will add indexability to the web-site in search engines.

Our extra services

For those who already have his own product
Digital art

Maskot, sticker pack, banners

We will finalize your project and add something new to it. From the development of sticker packs to an easy redesign of your website.

Site layout

If your makeupman dumb

Services of our HTML programmer. In case you already have a ready-made website design.

BackEnd and coding

Everything you need

Refinement of new features of your project. From linking a wallet to a website for payment to developing a calculation system.

Get in touch

Indicate your telegram and describe your project in detail. Our manager will contact you as soon as possible.

When describing, indicate which site you want (landing page for a token, for example), permission budget and features. Perhaps you need to develop a mascot for your project or create a feedback form. This also needs to be indicated.

Thanks! Our manager will contact you soon.
How is pricing formed?


Due to the complexity of pricing in the work of website development, we abandoned static prices for services. Each order is discussed individually, the price is formed depending on the provided technical task. Also, in addition to the terms of reference, we highlight the following pricing criteria: the complexity of the project for development, the allocated budget for the project, deadlines for implementation.

Can you finalize my project?


Yes. We have services and knowledge for upgrade your project. It is important for you to understand that working with someone else's project (on the programming side) in some cases will take longer than developing a new one. In case of revision in terms of design and content, we will do everything as quickly as possible.

How complex are the projects you are developing?


Absolutely anyone. We will handle any order. From landing page for BSC - token to crypto exchange.

What are the guarantees that I will like the project?


Our managers formulate the terms of reference so that the project that you receive as a result will fully meet all your requirements. In case of shortcomings on our part, we provide full customer support within one week after the order is completed for simple projects (for example, as landing pages) and within a month for complex ones.

How do you pay and what types of cryptocurrencies do you accept?


Development of projects is carried out on full prepayment. After agreeing on the TK with the customer and agreeing on the price of the service, we provide you with the wallet address and, upon receipt of funds, we begin development. We value our reputation and do not hide any additional payments. You will pay only the amount that we agree on when placing an order (unless you need a service that was not initially agreed upon). We accept all types of cryptocurrencies. The price is calculated at the current rate at the time of payment.